Mary Reads the Book of James from The Holy Bible

Greetings Friends,

I thought I’d have some fun again today and record of the Book of James from the Holy Bible. Below is both the introduction for the recording and locations of each chapter.

Enjoy and be blessed today lovey!

Mary Budesheim

  • 00:00 – 01:00 INTRO
  • 01:01 – 05:17 CHAPTER 1
  • 05:18 – 09:05 CHAPTER 2
  • 09:06 – 11:42 CHAPTER 3
  • 11:43 – 14:09 CHAPTER 4
  • 14:10 – 16:59 CHAPTER 5
James is writing to Jewish Christians – a group of people who have lost their homes. Their being persecuted and even where they’re ending up, there still running into all sorts of problems. But the book of James is a powerhouse of faith – calling them to have joy in the midst of their troubles.  
James was written as a guide to help these Jewish Christians navigate and flourish among cultures with completely different social norms and beliefs than those that existed in Israel. It’s applicable in today’s world where social norms and beliefs often differ than those of Christianity. And we ourselves, like those early Christians, can consider it all joy though our circumstances may seem bleak.

If Thou Hadst Known!

Many saints come to Christ in advanced years, like myself - 31 - thus our "might have been" is found in abundance and loosening chains of sin and death is difficult ... unless we follow closely to our Lord Jesus. Take heart dear one, Jesus Christ meets you where are now NOW and He escorts both LION in the faith as well as the timid GAZELLE directly to the wellspring of Father God (YAWHEW).


Crack-Pipe Biden Policy vs Biblical Health and Wellness

Honestly, I’ve grown weary of the palpable weaponization of poverty and homelessness in our country. It’s a cudgel wielded by political parties living far away from the consequences of their poor planning and enflamed passions of ‘useful idiots’. It takes everything I have at times to pray for our leaders - especially when they use racism as a main tool in their divisive rhetoric.