📺🤺 Defenders LIVE! 📺🤺 [Video]

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📺🤺 Defenders LIVE! 📺🤺


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Clans Unite Against Great Reset: CIC 2022 [Video]

Largest Traditional Catholic conference in the country is SOLD OUT.SIGN UP for the 3-Day LIVESTREAM: includes: - Michael Matt's LIVE interview with Archbishop Vigano- Major Press Conference announcing formal resistance to Francis- First-time appearance of Newsmax's Chris Salcedo- World Premiere of RTV Documentary: "Guardian of Tradition"- Special addresses by 3 Bishops and priests of every order including diocesan, FSSP, SSPX, ICK, and IBP - And 10 more great talks by prominent Catholic speakersSIGN UP:


Maverick City Just Released This Statement Concerning Dante Bowe. Let's Pray For Him [Video]

This is not an I told you so moment. I know what God showed me. Let's show him lots of love and support in the comments. I want him to be the best man of God he can be. I just had to obey what the Lord was showing me even when it wasn't popular. So if you will agree to pray for him let it be known in the comments just in case he stumbles across this video.