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Twerking State Senator Tiara Mack Wants Your Vote [Video]

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Twerking State Senator Tiara Mack Wants Your Vote

Tiara Mack is a Democrat Rhode Island State Senator. She recently made this video to encouraging you to vote for her. She describes herself as a “reproductive justice advocate” in her Twitter bio. She says teaching ‘queer inclusive, pleasure based sex ed’ was a highlight for her. She is sponsoring a house sex education bill.

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THESE stories show how the far-left is CODIFYING HATRED [Video]

Do you want to live in a country that’s codifying hatred? That’s what this election is about, Glenn says, because our country is becoming more divided by the second. In this clip, Glenn shares several stories — from a political debate gone wrong to recent comments made by Hillary Clinton — that show how much danger currently faces our republic... Click HERE to subscribe to Glenn Beck: HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV: Connect with Glenn on Social Media:

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STOPPING Vanderbilt University Medical Center | Matt Walsh & Sen. Marsha Blackburn | Huckabee [Video]

Late last month, author and filmmaker Matt Walsh lit up social media with a report that shocked millions of us. It's prompted calls from lawmakers to investigate Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and their pediatric transgender clinic. One of those voices is Senator Marsha Blackburn, who says there is nothing healthy about mutilating the bodies of minor children, and nothing moral about putting profits ahead of them, either. Don’t miss this interview on Huckabee!-----Watch Huckabee Saturdays 8/7c and again Sundays 9/8c exclusively on TBNView full Huckabee episodes for free on the TBN app: Huckabee merch now: with Mike Huckabee: updated with Huckabee On TBN: #vanderbilt #transgender #mutilation

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Kellyn Lakhardt: Teen Gender Surgeries Kaiser Oakland [Video]

Kellyn Lakhardt, Gender-Affirming Care specialist at Kaiser Permanente - Oakland, CA discusses removing breasts of 12-year-old girl for gender purposes. He also discusses the castration of 16-year-old boys and performing vaginoplasty on them.Read Article:Please SUPPORT so we can continue!!! Social: Page: Group: Group: Channel: Up "Deplorables" Website:

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Californians Adjust To New Life In Texas [Video]

This couple left California due to the cost of living, crime, taxes, etc. etc. etc. But now they're not so sure they can get used to living in Texas! #shorts #short #california #texas #liberal #conservative #democrats #republican #politics Subscribe to Chandler's Youtube: to our new podcast channel: a premium subscriber: Official The Babylon Bee Store: The Babylon Bee:Website: