Very FLY Wisdom From Allah’s Messenger (SATIRE, but also REAL) [Video]

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Very FLY Wisdom From Allah’s Messenger (SATIRE, but also REAL)

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… “GOD has NO joy in the death of the wicked; but rather that they turn from their ways and live.” ✝️ (Ezekiel 33;11, OLD TESTAMENT) ✝️

This is a SATIRE video, BUT, the point made is also 100% real. You can fact-check the earliest and most trusted muslim source that this video is based on for yourself: Sahih al-Bukhari 3320 and Sunan Abu Dawud 3844. Why polemics and satire? Because many muslims (at least the harder, non-vanilla western ones) understands this language better – and they can take it. I want them to take it, and come home, to LORD Jesus Christ.

# LINK for the mentioned video at the end – “Why I’m NOT a Muslim – In 3 Minutes”

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I hope to serve you all well here on the channel, both Christians and non-Christians, with what mostly is aimed to be short and concise 5 minute videos related to Apologetics, Polemics, Theology and Street Evangelism – though longer and different videos is not off the table.

Why am I not a muslim? … What about gratuitous evil? … Divine hiddenness?
Bad things in the Old Testament? … Objections to the New Testament and Jesus’ resurrection?
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