Allah is Satan! – Rob Christian – Episode 1 [Video]

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Allah is Satan! – Rob Christian – Episode 1

Al Fadi and his guest, a Christian Apologist, Rob Christian are starting off a new series spanning from Allah to Muhammed to the Qur’an itself. In this episode, Brother Rob shares 5 names of Allah that actually reveal him to be the devil in disguise, masquerading as God. The Qur’an itself describes Allah as arrogant, deceiving, and a humiliator. How can these be qualities and identifiers of a true and pure God? Watch this gripping episode unmasking Allah as Satan himself.

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This is not an I told you so moment. I know what God showed me. Let's show him lots of love and support in the comments. I want him to be the best man of God he can be. I just had to obey what the Lord was showing me even when it wasn't popular. So if you will agree to pray for him let it be known in the comments just in case he stumbles across this video.