20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 78) [Video]

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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 78)

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0:00 – Intro
1. 0:07 {Spiritual but Not Religious?} How should we respond when someone says, “I’m not religious, I’m spiritual”?
2. 23:14 {Who is our “Neighbor”?} “Who, then, is my neighbor?” In Luke 10: 25-37, I know the Good Samaritan is me, but who does the “neighbor” he helped represent? I have never met a naked, beaten, and robbed Jew…I don’t think.
3. 26:35 {About Mid-Acts Dispensationalism} Can you give some more information on the Mid-Acts Dispensationalism movement? It sounds biblical.
4. 31:11 {Should Ungodly Behavior Cause Doubt?} If I were to doubt Christianity (I don’t), it would be because of a lack of holiness. Christians seem to be jerks at the same rate as the world, or more. Why is this, if we have the Holy Spirit?
5. 36:40 {God in the Garden} Who was walking in the garden in Genesis 3:8? Was it Jesus, the Father, the Holy Spirit, or all three?
6. 41:50 {About Anglo/British Israelism} What are your thoughts on Anglo-Israelism or British Israelism? It is the belief that America and the British commonwealth are physical descendants of Israel.
7. 44:41 {Discerning True vs. False Prophecies} How do you test WOF prophecy when it sounds more like insights/encouragements, not foretelling future events? What SHOULD modern prophecy sound like?
8. 48:49 {Is Fear of Hell a Valid Motivator?} Would a death bed conversion work if the main driving factor is the fear of Hell rather than choosing to trust God?
9. 51:58 {Biblical Advice for Parents} What advice can you give to parents in these times to help them raise children who choose to trust and follow Jesus later in life? Can you do a biblical series on parenting?
10. 55:33 {What Should I Do if I Question My Salvation?} If someone is thinking that they might not be saved, seeing their sinfulness, what should they do? “Not sinning” sort of seems like a Band-Aid on the problem.
11. 1:00:07 {Singular vs. Plural Pronouns for God?} Why is it improper to refer to God as “they” instead of “He,” since He is three persons? Example of the problem: “He spoke to Job out of the storm” tends to make us think the Father alone is speaking.
12. 1:03:03 {Can Past Sins Disqualify a Man from Leadership?} If a man’s pre-salvation life is especially disgraceful, could he ever truly be “above reproach” (1 Timothy 3:2)? Could old sin, then, even if confessed, disqualify him from being a pastor or elder?
13. 1:09:07 {About the Geneva Bible} In your study of Bible translations, have you ever looked at the Geneva Bible that I believe the pilgrims used? What is its textual basis? Do you think Christians should read it?
14. 1:12:54 {Is there Room in Christianity for Psychedelics?} Given the resurgence of psychedelics for recreation and therapeutic use in Western society, is there room for it in Christianity, or should its use stay separate from spiritual practice?
15. 1:17:59 {What were the “Horns” on the Altar?} Why did the altar in the Tabernacle have the horns? Could you please clarify this?
16. 1:20:20 {What does it Mean to “Share in Christ’s Sufferings”?} When we share in Christ’s sufferings, does that refer only to suffering that comes in opposition to doing God’s will, or can it also include something like suffering through a disease or a loss?
17. 1:24:35 {Is Anyone Presently in Hell?} Is Hell something that is taking place right now, or is that a future reality after the final judgment (Luke 16: 19-31)?
18. 1:27:19 {Seminary Suggestions and How to Study Well} I’m currently a Junior in high school and plan to go to a seminary after school to become a preacher. How and where do I start studying the Bible to become a true BibleThinker?
19. 1:30:56 {Are there Multiple “Gods” in Jeremiah?} Why does Jeremiah 46: 25 and Jeremiah 51: 44 make it seem like there are multiple gods? How can God punish a god that doesn’t exist?
20. 1:35:41 {Should Prayer be a Dialogue or Monologue?} Should prayer be a dialogue or monologue? How should we determine if instances of humans having a dialogue with God in the Bible are to be taken as normative?

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