Ep.3: See Muslims LIE when faced with NO Early Qur’ans! [Video]

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Ep.3: See Muslims LIE when faced with NO Early Qur’ans!

Muslims have always claimed that, unlike the Bible, Islam is the only religion which can trace its scripture, the Qur’an, back to its original text, which means that they have manuscript evidence for the original Qur’an which was compiled by the Caliph Uthman, in 652 AD.

The only problem is that no one has bothered to confront them or ask for evidence for these claims publicly, allowing them to repeat them ad-nausea, knowing they won’t have to provide any support. This needs to stop!

So, back in 2019, while Hatun Tash and I were on the ladder at Speaker’s Corner introducing Dr Brubaker’s new book on the changes to the earliest Qur’anic text, who should show up but Mansur Ahmed, one of the principle writers for the Islamic Awareness web site which houses the largest collection of early Qur’anic manuscripts. Without being invited, he put his ladder next to ours in an attempt to try and shut us down.

He began by claiming that there were no problems with Dr Brubaker’s findings, as they only represented ‘manuscript variants’, and then he stated that the Qur’an was the only revelation in history which could prove its complete preservation because Muslims had manuscript evidence that could be traced both orally and textually to the time of its origins, thus actual manuscript texts from the time of the Prophet Muhammad, though he quickly changed it to the time of Uthman in 652 AD (a difference of 20 years).

I couldn’t let this go, so (as you will see in the clip we have included into this episode), I quickly turned and asked him where this amazing Uthmanic textual manuscript was located, and what was it called?

He didn’t answer, but tried to move the attention to others in the crowd. So I then asked him if not the time of Uthman, was there any manuscript of the Qur’an in the 7th century, the century it was supposed to have been compiled?

When pressed on this, he retorted that they had 96% of the text of the Qur’an within the first Islamic century, which goes from 622 AD – 719 AD.

So I asked what Qur’anic manuscript was he referring to within this first century (I added 2 years, putting it to 721 AD)?

It was obvious that he didn’t want to name any single manuscript at all, because he knew that the earliest 6 manuscripts (The Topkapi, Sammarkand, Ma’il, Petropolitanus, Husseini and the Sa’ana mss) were all from the 8th – 9th centuries, and none were complete. In fact, they didn’t even agree with each other, nor completely with the Qur’an we have today.

I again queried him for proof of a complete Qur’anic text which existed before 721 AD, and he repeated that they now had 96% of the Qur’an from before that date, which I found incredulous!

But where was this amazing 96% Qur’an?

It wasn’t until I went to check his Islamic Awareness Website the next day that I understood where he got the 96% figure from. It had nothing to do with 1 Qur’an at all, but a multiplicity of Cumulative Surahs which his team had collected and tabulated, which, when compiled together made up 96% of the Qur’an from, they said, before 719 AD.

Yet, this would be nearly 100 years after Muhammad died (632 AD)! Lost in their response was any evidence of a complete Qur’an from the time of Uthman, with only 96% existing up to almost 100 years after Muhammad!

So, how many different manuscripts were needed to reach the 96% figure? A whopping 63, almost all small fragments!

And how large were they? Most were just a few verses!

I was curious to find out how he was so sure that they all dated before 719 AD, so I got my team in London to research all 63 fragments, and guess what they found!

Of the 63 manuscript fragments forwarded by the Islamic Awareness website which they claimed were ALL dated before 719 AD:

-20 were tentatively dated with disagreements between scholars, which means there was no conclusion concerning any of them.

-9 were definitely dated AFTER 719 AD, some of which were the largest in the collection. So, they shouldn’t even be in the list.

-34 (in other words, over half of them) no one had researched yet, so there was no way of knowing their dates; suggesting it was pure speculation by the Muslims!

Consequently, very few of the 63 fragments they claimed were from before 719 AD (almost 100 years after Muhammad), were really valid, since all of them were either later, or tentatively dated, or had not been researched yet.

So, what can we conclude?

It is clear that there are no complete Qur’ans for the first 100 years after Muhammad. While, Muslims have collected 63 fragments of the Qur’an to make up 96% by 719AD, almost all of them appear to be fraudulent.

What’s more, they have not studied any of them to know if the 63 fragments even agreed with the current 1924 ‘Hafs’ text, proving that when Muslims are desperate they will lie in order to support their claims for the Qur’an’s preservation.

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