Muslim confirms It’s all been fabricated || Sheep Eats the Quran || Speakers Corner [Video]

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Muslim confirms It’s all been fabricated || Sheep Eats the Quran || Speakers Corner

29 may 2022 Speakers Corner, London

A Muslim claims that the hadiths that mention Quranic verses about breastfeeding adults were fabricated. First the sheep-eating is said to be fabricated. Then several sahih hadiths that speak about breastfeeding adults are said to be fabricated. And even the Quranic verse is said to have been fabricated.

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*Disclaimer- Speakers Corner, London UK, is a unique place in the world for freedom of Speech. Debates and dialogues on this channel is the expression of freedom of speech by all parties in their debates and discussions. Therefore all that has been said in the videos is not necessarily the opinion of DCCI but the expression of Freedom of Speech.
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