Hatun & Jay @ Speaker’s Corner “Jesus vs Muhammad #1” [Video]

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Hatun & Jay @ Speaker’s Corner “Jesus vs Muhammad #1”

Having heard that Jay Smith was coming to London, Hatun Tash asked him to come on down to Speaker’s Corner and get up on the Ladder on Sunday, July 31, 2022 so that the two of them could do a comparison of Jesus vs Muhammad for the crowd there.

Whenever Jay is in town he likes to join Hatun, as she rarely gets on a ladder except when he comes down, as working from the ladder helps them get their material heard to a larger crowd, which can then be uploaded on YouTube.

Due to some technical problems with our own camera audio, Hatun asked “StreetMic LiveStream” if we could use his copy of our talk for this video, which he willingly agreed, providing that we credited him. You will notice that some of the video is somewhat distorted (our apologies).

Hatun and Jay wanted to do a list of comparisons which included how Jesus and Muhammad were born.

For instance, Jesus was born within the normal 9 months, but quite miraculously, as his mother Mary was a virgin (see Matthew 1:18-25; and Surah 19:20).

Muhammad, however, took a rather longer period, in fact, as Hatun reminded us, a full 4 years before he was ready to come out (Ibn Hisham pp. 68-69).

They then noted that while Jesus served God even as child (see Luke 2:39-52, and Surah 3:46), and was able to read the Bible early on (see Luke 2:41-52), Muhammad was not only an idolater in his formative years (see al Bukhari 6:452), but he was illiterate for his whole life as well (see Surah 7:157).

Hatun and Jay went from that subject to a comparison of the two men’s living environments. They noted that Jesus always lived in poverty and depended on donation (see Luke 4:16-21 and 8:1-3), while Muhammad took a full 20% of all the booty the Muslims garnered for just himself (see Ibn Hisham p.281).

Concerning miracles, both the Bible and the Qur’an refer to many miracles which Jesus performed (see Mark 3:9-10; and Surah 3:49). He was able to give sight to the blind (see Surah 18:35-43 and 3:49), make the lame walk (see Matthew 9:2-8), and heal withered hands (Matthew 12:10-13).

In comparison, the Qur’an is very clear that Muhammad was incapable of doing any miracles (see Surah 29:50). What’s more, in contrast to Jesus he made the seeing go blind and others who walked lame (see al Bukhari 8:520), and then cut off the hands of anyone who was caught stealing, even an egg (see Al Bukhari 8:the last 3 verses).

With everyone of these comparisons, it was obvious on the day that Jesus was quite a bit superior to Muhammad.

But that’s not all, there are more comparisons yet to come…so ‘hold this space’!

Credits: livestream footage from “StreetMic LiveStream”

© Pfander Centre for Apologetics – US, 2022
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