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Hatun and Jay gave another comparison from the Ladder at Speaker’s Corner on Sunday the 31st of July. They looked at how Jesus and Muhammad dealt with those who opposed them.

To begin a fellow in the crowd suggested that we use the name ‘Isa’ for Jesus, and Jay responded that Isa is not the correct Arabic name for Jesus, that the true Arabic name is “Jesuah’, which is not found in the Qur’an at all!

The same fellow then suggested that Muhammad was able to attract even young girls, like Aishah, his bride of 6 years old, but whom Muhammad waited to consummate the marriage until she was 9 and he was 53.

Jay asked whether that example of Muhammad was relevant for today, and there was no one who agreed.

Jay then moved to the problem concerning what Jesus and Muhammad did to those who confronted them and disagreed with them? He used the example of Asma bin Marwan, who wrote poetic verse against Muhammad.

He asked if there was anyone who would seek retribution for him, and one of his disciples, Umair, went that night, and while Asma bint Marwan was suckling her youngest of her 6 children, he plunged his sword into her chest and killed her.

The next morning he came and told Muhammad what he had done, and Muhammad responded by saying, “Bless you for what you have done for your prophet.”

To remind people of Muhammad’s reaction to those who mocked him Hatun wears a T-shirt to Speaker’s Corner with a young Muhammad holding a sword dripping with blood from the many heads which lay around his feet, while Muhammad points to a pen and says, “I’m so emotionally offended by this bigot for drawing me”, a perfect example of what they were talking about from the ladder!

So, what about Jesus, what did he do to those who offended him? He not only pardoned them, but wouldn’t even permit those who tried to defend him from doing so.

In the Garden of Gethsemane, when the Jewish guards came to arrest him, Peter, his disciple took out his blade and cut off the ear of one of the servants who was there.

Jesus, took the ear and re-attached it, and then turning to Peter he said, “Put away your sword, for he who lives by the sword, will die by the sword” (Matthew 26:52).

When compared to the violence and hatred of Muhammad, Jesus once again comes out on top, and proves just how relevant he is for then and now, and for there and here. He truly is the man for all time and for evryone!

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