Regarding Men

Dicken Drill | Run it WRONG w/ Paul & John [Video]

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Dicken Drill | Run it WRONG w/ Paul & John

John and Paul run the Dicken Drill. Well… sort of…

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Regarding Men

Jocko Podcast 353: If You Have The Wherewithal To Do Things, Then Do Things. Derrick Van Orden [Video]

Underground Premium Content: the conversation on Twitter/Instagram: @jockowillink @derrickvanorden @Derrick Van Orden @echocharles Derrick Van Orden. Navy SEAL (ret.) 26 years of service. husband, father, and Wisconsin 3rd District Congressman candidate 2022.

Regarding Men

Left Wing Protests Are Gross [Video]

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Regarding Men

@John Anthony Lifestyle EXPOSES HIMSELF as pansexual and trans-positive dating coach?!? [Video]

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