Catholic — Headlines — August 10, 2022 [Video]

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Catholic — Headlines — August 10, 2022

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Sedevacantism Debate: Are John XXIII Through Francis True Popes? Jeff Cassman Vs Br. Peter Dimond [Video]

Jeff Cassman will take the affirmative, Bro. Peter Dimond, the negative. Debate format and bio's below.📿 Best Rosaries ever: FORMATOpening Statements 10 Min each5 min Response eachCross Examination 10 Min EachCross Examination 10 Min Each2 Min break5 Min Response EachCross Examination 10 Min EachCross Examination 7 Min EachClosing Statement 5 Min each OUR COMMUNITYLocals: thanks to all our supporters for your continued support! You don't have to give anything, yet you do. THANK YOU!SPONSORSHallow: Swag: https://shop.pintswithaquinas.comSOCIALRumble: https://www.pintswithaquinas.comJeff Cassman is a former Air Force Intelligence Analyst and a predictive behavioral modeling expert for an ad agency in Nashville, TN. He’s a cradle Catholic and first attended a traditionalLatin Mass in 2000. He later studied theology at Holy Apostles College in Connecticut.Jeff is a co-founder of Catholic Men of America, our country’s only national professional business fraternity for Catholic men. He is a gentleman farmer, raising pigs, rabbits, chicken and quail and has designed and built aquaponic greenhouse growing environments for tilapia and organic produce. Jeff has been married to his high school sweetheart, Sarah for 28 years and they have homeschooled their 14 children (11 boys and three girls), now ages 3 to 26. In his spare time,Jeff enjoys eating and sleeping.Bro. Dimond: Bro. Peter Dimond is a traditional Catholic religious and apologist who has been a member of Most Holy Family Monastery (a traditional Catholic monastery) in Fillmore, NY, for over 20 years. He has made final Benedictine vows. He has produced many videos and documentaries on theology and the Church. He has written many articles and engaged in many debates on Catholic and theological matters. He is the author of various books, including The Bible Proves The Teachings Of The Catholic Church and the co-author of The Truth About What Really Happened To The Catholic Church After Vatican II. His material can be viewed at vaticancatholic.com00:00 Start1:52 Intro2:40 Jeff Cassman opening statement12:50 Br. Peter Dimond opening statement22:30 Jeff Cassman response27:25 Br. Peter Dimond response32:37 Cassman’s Cross-Examination of Dimond43:29 Dimond’s Cross-Examination of Cassman53:39 Cassman’s 2nd Cross-Examination of Dimond1:03:48 Dimond’s 2nd Cross-Examination of Cassman1:21:12 Jeff Cassman 2nd response1:26:10 Br. Peter Dimond 2nd response1:31:12 Cassman’s 3rd Cross-Examination of Dimond1:41:30 Dimond’s 3rd Cross-Examination of Cassman1:51:34 Cassman’s 4th Cross-Examination of Dimond1:58:52 Dimond’s 4th Cross-Examination of Cassman2:06:03 Jeff Cassman closing statement2:10:40 Br. Peter Dimond closing statement2:15:20 Wrap-up


New Hope Kidz Church - October 2nd, 2022 [Video]

Welcome to New Hope Kidz Online!For more information on our church head to - any questions or comments, you can reach out to Pastor Drew at drew@sharingnewhope.orgLink to Lesson and Activities for all ages: us know how we can be praying for you by emailing us! or