Stimulated to Love Others – and Mary’s Response to TRUMP FBI Raid

TODAY'S READING IS FROM DAY #13 of Milton Vincent's A Gospel Primer for Christians - Learning to See the Glories of God's Love 

When my mind is fixed on the Gospel, I have ample stimulation willing to show love to others when I am freshly mindful of the love that God has shown me. Also, the Gospel gives me the wherewithal to give forgiving grace to those who have wronged me. for it reminds me daily of the forgiving grace that God is showing me.

Doing good and showing love to those who have wronged me is always the opposite of what my sinful flesh wants me to do. Nonetheless, when I remind myself of my sins against God and of His forgiving and generous grace toward me, I give the gospel an opportunity to reshape my perspective and to put me in a frame of mind wherein I actually desire to give this same grace to those who have wronged me.


These are the times when it’s difficult to forgive … Lord God please help my heart:

This week, the FBI raided the Florida home of former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. They based their raid on the purported rationale that they suspected Trump of having mishandled classified information, taking home materials meant for the National Archives.

This is truly a travesty of justice compared to Hillary Clinton’s personal email server which was first uncovered in 2012 during a House committee investigating the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi.

My only response to this can be that regardless of your affinity for or against Trump, one must recognize the severity of the FBI raid. In my humble opinion, this does nothing more than to cement my support for Trump/DeSantis 2024 simply because I am sick and tired of the abuse of power in Washington. It is high time that Americans see a wave of firings in DC and I pray it begins in 2024.


Today’s System Can’t Handle Righteous People Founded Upon Godly Wisdom

Sadly, the system now cannot handle intelligent, bright children rooted in Godly wisdom ready to take-on the world. Those children grow into ungovernable adults, entrepreneurs and risk takers grounded in their knowledge of who they are in relation to God’s Word and their enormous value to God – regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, disability or any other personal characteristic.