Ep.6: Note how early Muslims Changed the early Qur’an! [Video]

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Ep.6: Note how early Muslims Changed the early Qur’an!

Muslims claim that there is only ONE Qur’an, with not ONE WORD nor even ONE LETTER which is different. They have to say that, because if there was even one word different, it no longer is divine, nor is it eternal (Surah 85:22), nor can they claim Allah has guarded it (Surah 15:9), but man has now added to his word (Surahs 10:15 and 18:27).

So, why did these different words and phrases come into the Qur’an? Well it seems that the Qur’an was borrowed from earlier Christian Aramaic Lectionnaries, Hymns and Homilies, written by Christian clerics in the 4th – 7th centuries.

The problem was that many Arabs couldn’t read the Aramaic, and their own Arabic alphabet was only being formed in the 7th century, and only had between 14 – 16 letters (known as Rasm), which couldn’t accommodate the more sophisticated Aramaic texts they were borrowing from.

They, therefore had to eventually invent 5 dots (three placed above the letters to create the n, t, and th letters, and two below the letters to create the b, and y letters), which permitted them to now have 5 distinct letters.

On top of that they had to create 3 vowels (the Dhamma or u vowel, the Kasra or i vowel, and the Fatha or a vowel).

When you place them above or below the consonantal Rasm text they went from 14 letters up to the current 28 letters, which then could make all kinds of different words, and help the Arab readers understand what they were now reading.

in fact with just a 3 letter word, placing the 5 dots and 3 vowels allowed someone to come up with 19 to 33 different words.

When placed in a sentence, the variations would be enormous, and that is how the Arabs manipulated the text they were given, and changed it into the Qur’an we have today, as they didn’t know what they were reading and so created a Qur’an which fit their narrative, all during the 8th – 10th centuries, changing and even desecrating the Qur’an while doing it.

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