Jordan Peterson’s Most CONTROVERSIAL Interviews.. [Video]

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Jordan Peterson’s Most CONTROVERSIAL Interviews..

Jordan Peterson’s Most CONTROVERSIAL Interviews..

Welcome back to Pursuit Of Meaning. Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist from Canada. Peterson became a magnet for media attention recently, because he opposes certain fundamentals of social justice. Peterson’s popularity has grown tremendously over the past year, popping up in interviews every day like a mole burrowing deep underground only to poke his head out in your yard 17 times a month.

These are Jordan Peterson’s best interviews to date: Top of the list is the channel 4 interview which is Jordan’s most popular with over 6 million views. Cathy Newman, the host, visibly faltered over many points Peterson made throughout the interview. At one point, Newman forgot her lines and accidentally dropped her aggressive masquerade after Peterson challenged her demeanor. Next is, Joe Rogan Experience #1070, The Rubin Report, H3 Podcast #48. Waking Up Podcast #67. Jocko Podcast 98 – Jordan Peterson Interview, The Rubin Report Debate with Ben Shapiro & Jordan Peterson. Joe Rogan Experience #1006 Bret Weinstein & Jordan Peterson. Adam Corolla & Jordan Peterson, and H3 Podcast #37. Best is defined in this use as most influential or, most notable. Notable in this use meaning most notes taken or greatest self-improvement potential.

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This is his best book, in my opinion:
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