No, We Are NOT Born Atheists! … #shorts [Video]

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No, We Are NOT Born Atheists! … #shorts

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… “GOD has NO joy in the death of the wicked; but rather that they turn from their ways and live.” ✝️ (Ezekiel 33;11, OLD TESTAMENT) ✝️

A big and popular atheist meme and slogan (muslims use this one too) – refuted whitin 1 minute.

(Playlist) Atheist Objections, Memes and Slogans – RESPONSES

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Daniel is name, Norwegian is my nationality, and Slovakia is where I live.
Married, ex.footballer, and now self-employed.
I could share more of my background and credentials etc.,
but for all I care – just consider me a random dude on the internet.
Just let the content speak for itself – and if it’s good, to God be the glory!

I hope to serve you all well here on the channel, both Christians and non-Christians, with what mostly is aimed to be short and concise 5 minute videos related to Apologetics, Polemics, Theology and Street Evangelism – though longer and different videos is not off the table.

Why am I not a muslim? … What about gratuitous evil? … Divine hiddenness?
Bad things in the Old Testament? … Objections to the New Testament and Jesus’ resurrection?
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