The Great Reset | Klaus Schwab & Prince Charles 1992 [Video]

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“After 50 Years of Trying to Champion This Cause Finally We Are Willing to Change Our Trajectory. We Need a Vast Military Style Campaign…With Trillions As HIS Disposal far Beyond Global GDP.”

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What Is the Great Reset Agenda?

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Connect the Dots Between COVID-19 / The Great Reset, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Klaus Schwab, 5G, and the RNA-Modifying COVID-19 Vaccines Agenda:


How Do We Get Beyond Sound Bytes? [Video]

Far too many people we know and love, who are sincere Believers, have theological views made up of sound bytes and half verses. ============ Bookstore: http://outr


How They LIE About The Quran. [Video]

Why do Muslim teachers feel it's acceptable to spread lies about what the early Muslim community believed about the Quran? Why do we keep hearing that the Quran has been preserved word for word, letter for letter, dot for dot?I show a couple of academics and their thoughts on this claim and how it weighs against the evidence from both Islamic traditions and manuscript evidence.