Hebrew Pews & Israelite Pastors: A Tale of Dim-Witted Deceit [Video]

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Hebrew Pews & Israelite Pastors: A Tale of Dim-Witted Deceit

Vocab Malone presents an exploration of the shifting arguments for the claim that HEBREW appears on the pews at First African Baptist Church, in Savannah, Georgia. Advocates claim that the congregants at FABC knew Hebrew at a time when no one else did – is this true?

We show highlighted images of pews and e-mails regarding Dr. David Bunis and the continued misrepresentation of him by the Hebrew Israelites involved in this charade.

Did the Pastor of the Boom Church invent a scholar who does not exist (Richard Katz) to back him up? The video also explores the manipulation involved in attempts to cover up or sweep away controversy over the Richard Katz fiasco. This video answers the question of who created the Katz sock puppet.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also include a brief review of some of the threats of legal action which came our way over the last two + years, mainly by the We Woke Now “Pastor”. RECORDED LIVE ON LOCATION AT A “HEBREW ISRAELITE” “CHURCH”.

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