Champions for the Su!c!dal: A Message Against Suicide from Nick Vujicic [Video]

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Champions for the Su!c!dal: A Message Against Suicide from Nick Vujicic

In this timely and sensitive message, Champions for the Su!c!dal: A Message Against Suicide from Nick Vujicic,” he urges those who are thinking about ending their life to “stay here and find the truth.” Seek the help and the hope with eternal joy found in Jesus Christ. When God changes your heart, it changes the way you look at things; then the things you look at start to change.

Su!c!de and Crisis Hoteline: Dial 988 or Text the word “Home” to 741741

0:00 Introduction
2:50 Champion of champions for a broken heart is Jesus!
3:33 What is the truth? There is not another you out there!
5:00 Without that purpose in my life, I have no meaning.
6:45 I can point you to the One [looking up] who does give you hope and purpose.  
7:15 Understand the truth of your value and the truth of the spiritual warfare.
8:30 We all were born with a disability called human nature.
12:00 You don’t know what beautiful things can come from your broken pieces.
14:15 Come back to the truth. You’re wonderfully and fearfully made.
17:11 Shame and condemnation is not from Jesus Christ!
19:13 As long as you are breathing there is hope!
23:00 I told bullies to shut up in Daniel’s elementary school.
25:23 I love you! There is no one like you!
36:50 “The Spirit God gives is not one of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7
38:50 Are you ready to receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior?

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