Ep.7: Why are Muslims TERRIFIED of Dr Luling? [Video]

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Ep.7: Why are Muslims TERRIFIED of Dr Luling?

So, why are Muslims so fearful of Dr Gunter Luling? It all has to do with a book her wrote entitled “A Challenge to Islam for Reformation”. Yet, its not the odd title that scares them, but what is written below the title, which says: “The Rediscovery and reliable Reconstruction of a comprehensive pre-Islamic Christian Hymnal hidden in the Koran under earliest Islamic Reinterpretations”.

This book was Dr Gunter Luling’s doctoral thesis, written in Germany in 1970. He looked at much of the beautiful poetry in the Qur’an, and found that these poems had all been borrowed from 4th – 6th century Christian Hymns, written in Syro-Aramaic, and then interposed into Arabic by removing the Syriac diacritical marks and replacing them with Arabic diacritical marks, and then finally incorporating the text into the Qur’an sometime in the 8th century, or later.

That is why the poetry is so beautiful! It didn’t come from Muhammad or even from Allah at all, but from the Christian writers who wrote them, all before the 7th century.

This discovery understandably is dangerous for Muslims, because it proves that much of the Qur’an cannot be attributed to God (see Surah 15:9), nor to any eternal tablets in heaven (see Surah 85:21-22), and certainly not to any man named Muhammad in the 7th century, but were hymns simply borrowed from earlier Christian writers, translated into Arabic, and then included in the Qur’an.

His 1970 PhD thesis received an ‘Eximium Opus’ grade, the highest grade available in Germany, which should have promoted him to professorship in any German university he chose.

But instead, in 1972, he was kicked out of his University, yet given no reason (some say today it was because ‘He was a crack-pot’, though they don’t explain what they mean), and he and his wife were thrown into obscurity, and lived on welfare for 30 years.

That was when I met him in Germany, and took his thesis, helped get it translated into English, whereupon he then had it published in India (the only country that would publish his book), which subsequently made it available for the rest of the world to read.

Due to this English rendering of his thesis, Dr Luling was brought back out of obscurity and into academia, as people finally realized just what a breakthrough his research really was, and he died in 2014 a happy man.

All of you need to buy this book and read it before it goes out-of-print.

You can get it on Amazon here:

Once again, from Dr Luling’s research, we find that the Qur’an is NOT eternal, nor is it from Muhammad, nor even from Uthman, and certainly not from Allah, but was created, much like any other book, by men just like you-and-me, initially by Christian men, writing hymns in Syro-Aramaic in the 4th-7th centuries, and then interposed into Arabic and incorporated into the Qur’an sometime in the 8th-9th centuries.

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