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How to Combat Hedonism | Dr. Peter Kreeft | #291 [Video]

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How to Combat Hedonism | Dr. Peter Kreeft | #291

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Dr. Peter Kreeft and Dr Jordan B Peterson discuss spiritual endeavor, delving deep into where we came from as a religious species, where we are now in the age of technology, and how we combat hedonism with personal sacrifice.

Dr. Kreeft is a professor in the field of Philosophy, and teaches at Boston College and the King’s College in New York. When Dr. Kreeft was a student, he was asked to examine Catholicism which led to his conversion. He’s written more than eighty books on the subject, such as “Handbook of Christian Apologetics” and “Socrates Meets Jesus.”


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(0:00) Coming Up
(1:20) Intro
(3:19) The Significance of the Whole is Found in Every Individual Part
(11:58) Scientific Pursuit Nested In Faith
(14:24) Nitzhce and the Death of God
(18:04) Faust and Pascals Wager
(29:40) Consent of the Architect
(35:58) Honest Dialogue and Facing Fear
(39:51) The Influence of Freud, the Game in Life
(49:58) Atheism and the Debate of Religions
(55:22) What Islam Can Teach Christianity
(57:06) Mercy, Judgement, and Ceremony
(1:09:24) Serpents and Sacrifice
(1:15:38) A Confused Search For God
(1:21:31) Lifespan and the Gift of Love
(1:29:13) The Case Against Hedonism
(1:38:09) Dr. Kreeft on Teaching, Writing, and Life


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