Jordan Peterson Shares His STRUGGLE With Addiction.. [Video]

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Jordan Peterson Shares His STRUGGLE With Addiction..

Jordan Peterson Shares His STRUGGLE With Addiction..

Welcome back to Pursuit Of Meaning. After seemingly overcoming his life-threatening battle with drug addiction, Jordan Peterson coming back into public life, new discussions about him have also arisen, including on whether or not his experience with addiction relates to the applicability of his self-help philosophy, and if we should even be bringing it up in our critiques of him.

It’s a fair question to ask, but ultimately Peterson’s experience with addiction is worth mentioning in critiques of him going forward. This is because it reveals not only a personal hypocrisy that is relevant as he presents himself as a role model for young men, but also the problem with the so-called self-help industry as a whole, as well as how society treats drug addiction. Watch this video as Jordan Peterson reveals his thoughts on Overcoming Addiction!

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This is his best book, in my opinion:
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