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Illegal Immigrants Flood The AZ Border [Video]

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Illegal Immigrants Flood The AZ Border

Illegal immigrants are flooding the border in Yuma, Arizona. @Sav Says getting all of the action!


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Educators Exposed

College Student Doesn't Know The 1st Amendment [Video]

College Student Doesn't Know The 1st Amendment🔵 AMFEST2022 REGISTRATION:🇺🇸 Subscribe to the channel🇺🇸 TurningPointUSA Instagram🇺🇸 TPUSA LIVE👕 Buy our NEW Homeland Collection HERE:○ All Links• Join• Donate #college

Educators Exposed

WATCH: Accreditation Council To End LSAT [Video]

Campus Reform Correspondent Tahmineh Dehbozorgi, a law student at GWU, appeared on Fox News to discuss American Bar Association to end the LSAT.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow us on Twitter us on Facebook Reform, a project of the Leadership Institute, is America's leading site for college news. As a watchdog to the nation's higher education system, Campus Reform exposes bias and abuse on the nation's college campuses.Our team of professional journalists works alongside student activists and student journalists to report on the conduct and misconduct of university administrators, faculty, and students.Campus Reform holds itself to rigorous journalism standards and strives to present each story with accuracy, objectivity, and public accountability.