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Elizabeth Harper – SNATCHED: My True Story of Survival and How the Police Failed Me [Video]

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Elizabeth Harper – SNATCHED: My True Story of Survival and How the Police Failed Me

Elizabeth’s story is one that needs to be told and it is now available in a book.
She is a grooming gang survivor.
A Child Sexual Exploitation survivor.
Her book “Snatched My True Story of Survival” was released earlier this year, It not only tells her story but shines a light on the failings of the police, politicians and child services.
None of these people have been punished for turning a blind eye to the sufferings of many thousands of girls.
But the book also names those who have stood beside Elizabeth and many other girls to support and care for them.
Elizabeth’s story needs to be heard and shared, you can be a part of that by buying a copy and passing it on.
You can take on the responsibility of educating the public of this horror.

Groomed and procured by a woman, raped by several men and labelled ‘one of the most abused girls in Rotherham’, now Elizabeth Harper is fighting for answers as to why so many people that are paid to protect our children simply turned a blind eye, the very institutions which were supposed to protect her and thousands of girls like her.
Rotherham council failed.
Child services failed.
South Yorkshire police failed.
Aged just 15, lonely and bullied by her peers, Elizabeth ‘El’ Harper felt like an outcast. But then a chance encounter in the street with a friendly woman suddenly brought hope to her world. A friendship between El and this benevolent stranger blossomed, and life began to feel worth living again.
As the months passed, El grew more and more distant from her family. One day, she didn’t return home to her parents at all …
Snatched is the shocking true story of how a young girl was taken from the streets and groomed into Britain’s biggest sex-trafficking ring, all at the hands of a woman.
It is also an inspiring account of how trauma can turn vulnerability to strength in the most extraordinary of ways.
‘Snatched: Trapped by a Woman to Be Sold to Men’ available on Amazon

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Interview recorded 31.10.22

Audio Podcast version available on Podbean and all major podcast directories.

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