What motivates a Calvinist to do apologetics? [Video]

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What motivates a Calvinist to do apologetics?

Does God totally override the free will of human beings? If that’s the case, then why even do apologetics? And wouldn’t that make God the author of evil? In this video with Dr. Leighton Flowers of Soteriology 101, Frank explains that this great debate is not so much a “mystery” to Calvinists but a contradiction. Check it out, and then watch the rest of the interview here! →

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“Without Excuse” [Video]

The apostle Paul urgently warned others about the Lord’s wrath and preached the Gospel of salvation. In his letter to the Romans, in particular, he was clear that all are sinners, with no exceptions, no excuses, and no escape from judgment except through faith in Jesus. Noting that Paul’s explanation of our predicament remains relevant today, Alistair Begg explains that the sobering reality of God’s wrath is matched by the wonder of His provision. Our Creator doesn’t hide from us, nor does He change. Rather, He seeks us and offers peace in a chaotic world.Scripture: Romans 1:19-23


BY ORDER OF THE POPE: ‘Monsignor Grindr” Reinstated, Latin Mass Cancelled [Video]

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