Culture Talk: Is the Bible Reliable? [Video]

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Culture Talk: Is the Bible Reliable?

#scienceandfaith #christianity #apologetics
With Ken Samples
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Finding Hope [Video]

Fr. Gregory Pine, O.P. shares what the Church really teaches about salvation outside the Catholic Church!Also Check out Fr. Pine's new Podcast on Catholic Classic with Ascension 📚:📗 Fr. Pine's Brand New Book (get it and you're cool):📚 Read Catholic Classics with Fr. Pine!🌞 Godsplaining Podcast:đŸ’» LINKSAdd Matt on Parler!: Hallow for FREE!: Website:đŸ“± SOCIALSFacebook:


CSMS Welcome Video

Visit www.christianitystillmakessense.comIn a world where Christianity no longer makes sense this channel exists to show that it still does. As a pastor/apologist and one who was a near apostate after suffering through his own season of gut-wrenching doubt, Bobby now seeks to make sense of Christianity, by helping thoughtful believers resolve doubts when presented to them about (1) God, (2) the Bible, (3) Morality, (4) the Church, and (5) Culture.Our CreedWe believe God is Triune,That Scripture is our final authority That Jesus is God incarnateThat humans are sinful and in need of redemptionThat humans can only be reconciled to God by grace through faithThat Jesus is our redeemer who atoned for our sins on the crossThat Christ rose from the grave and is coming again in bodily form!


BY ORDER OF THE POPE: ‘Monsignor Grindr” Reinstated, Latin Mass Cancelled [Video]

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