Time to Tone Down the Political Rhetoric! [Video]

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Time to Tone Down the Political Rhetoric!

Time to Tone Down the Political Rhetoric!

Dr. Browns shares some disturbing comments from the left and the right and then calls for restraint and wisdom.

Dr. Brown Is LIVE on the Line of Fire every Monday – Friday from 3 – 4 PM EST On Facebook and Youtube.

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THE CHRISTIAN RESET: Thank God for Globalists [Video]

Here something fun. What if the Globalists are so messed up that they're actually turning people back to God? In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael looks at those who took the most difficult stand against tyranny and have now been vindicated. From famous athletes such as Novak Djokovic to the forgotten frontline nurses and cops, these are the heroes of lockdown who gave up everything for freedom.Irony of all ironies, even Bill Gates has finally conceded that they had a point.Plus, with Pfizer embroiled in a crisis of public trust, Michael looks back at their love affair with Pope Francis—the guy who somehow became their lead singer and moral spokesman.Question: If Pfizer falls what about Francis, the guy many are now calling Pope Pfizer? And, finally, some good news: the star placekicker for the Super Bowl-bound Kansas City Chiefs is not only a devout Catholic but also a public defender of the Traditional Latin Mass. (Now what, Francis?!)And with 25,000 expected to descend on the Chartres Cathedral in May – as well as 8,000 men taking to the streets of Poland, rosaries in hand last month – Michael sees a resurgence of Christianity on the horizon. And who does he salute for this welcome turn of events? The Globalists, of course!Sign up for Michael Matt's Weekly E-Letter: Michael Matt on Twitter: to The Remnant Newspaper, print and/or digital versions available: to Michael Matt's podcasts: SPOTIFY:


“Without Excuse” [Video]

The apostle Paul urgently warned others about the Lord’s wrath and preached the Gospel of salvation. In his letter to the Romans, in particular, he was clear that all are sinners, with no exceptions, no excuses, and no escape from judgment except through faith in Jesus. Noting that Paul’s explanation of our predicament remains relevant today, Alistair Begg explains that the sobering reality of God’s wrath is matched by the wonder of His provision. Our Creator doesn’t hide from us, nor does He change. Rather, He seeks us and offers peace in a chaotic world.Scripture: Romans 1:19-23



Full Video Here: 2020, The Economist and the World Health Organization attacked Remnant TV, among many others, for fueling an “infodemic”---creating fake news to undermine “THE SCIENCE”. Well, two years later, guess who’s got the last laugh. Sign up for Michael Matt's Weekly E-Letter: Michael Matt on Twitter: to The Remnant Newspaper, print and/or digital versions available: to Michael Matt's podcasts:SPOTIFY: Connected to RTV: Subscribe to The Remnant Newspaper, print and/or digital versions available:


"I fully support you": Bishop Stands with Latin Mass Community [Video]

If it’s true that it’s “the Mass that matters,” then obviously the more Traditional Latin Masses in the world today the better for everyone – Catholic or not. The Bishop of Duluth, Minnesota, has set an important precedent for every bishop in the world. He’s not a traditionalist but, in the wake of Traditionis Custodes, he’s gone to bat for his traditional Catholic community. In this Remnant Underground, Michael Matt speaks to those who are not necessarily traditional Catholics or who are new to the Latin Mass. To quote Michael: “I hope the viewer will understand what we’re trying to do here. This is not about the SSPX, the FSSP, or my personal opinion of the liturgical revolution. It’s a bit outside of that box, which is why I encourage you to share it with your family, friends, diocesan priests and bishops.” Michael also provides a short “refresher course” on the Tridentine Mass itself – the Mass of history, important parts of which date back to when Jesus Christ and His Apostles walked the earth. This Mass was celebrated on the tombs of the martyrs in the Roman catacombs. It is thus part of the liturgical patrimony and birthright – not just of traditionalists – but of every Christian in the world today. At the very least, it should be regarded as an invaluable treasure of Christian antiquity. It has been called the “most beautiful thing this side of heaven”, and it is the Mass of every virgin, martyr, crusader, pope, and Christian man and woman in history (in the Latin Rite). It is the Mass St. Maximillian Kolbe offered before being murdered by the Nazis. Father Walter Ciszek offered this Mass in his Soviet prison cell. Cardinal Mindszenty offered this Mass the morning he was arrested. It is Padre Pio’s Mass. The Mass of Don Bosco. The only Mass Joan of Arc ever knew. The Mass King Louis IX and King John III Sobieski heard just before going on Crusade. It is also the Mass about which Pope Benedict XVI said: “What earlier generations held as sacred remains sacred and great for us too and cannot be forbidden or even considered harmful.” So why, asks Michael, is Pope Francis trying to forbid it? Sign up for Michael Matt's Weekly E-Letter: Michael Matt on Twitter: to The Remnant Newspaper, print and/or digital versions available: to Michael Matt's podcasts:SPOTIFY: