Jordan Peterson EXPLAINS How To NOT Lose Your Mind.. [Video]

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Jordan Peterson EXPLAINS How To NOT Lose Your Mind..

Jordan Peterson EXPLAINS How To NOT Lose Your Mind..

Welcome back to Pursuit Of Meaning. On this channel right now, we are going to feature Jordan Peterson – How to Stay Sane. Others say that when you fall into a daily routine, your life will get boring. Well, perhaps it might be true but at least you are not going insane soon!

According to controversial professor, clinical psychologist, and speaker Dr Jordan Peterson, humans are animals, and in need to do discipline routines. This is to maintain our sanity and overall health. Here’s more of Jordan Peterson – How to Stay Sane

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Sanity | Jordan Peterson | Best Life Advice

How to Be Calm in Unexpected Situations | Jordan Peterson

How To Stay Positive During Tough Times | Jordan Peterson

This is his best book, in my opinion:
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