Jordan Peterson REVEALS His Best Life Advice.. [Video]

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Jordan Peterson REVEALS His Best Life Advice..

Jordan Peterson REVEALS His Best Life Advice..

Welcome back to Pursuit Of Meaning, today on the channel we are going to recall the 15 Best Life Lessons & Advice From Jordan Peterson. Your professional life cannot be divorced from your overall being. At the end of the day, your thoughts and actions influence every aspect of your life, be it personal or professional. Moreover, as an entrepreneur, you have the power as well as the responsibility to guide others. So, winning at life becomes equally important as winning at your ventures. Since time immemorial, people have been sharing learnings from their lives. You and I, we find ourselves turning to them. Sometimes through books, other times through other mediums. In recent times, a name that has become popular for some solid life advice is Jordan Peterson. If you’ve headed to bookstores or YouTube for life lessons in the last few years, chances are you already know Jordan Peterson. If you don’t have, here’s a little about him.

Fix Your Posture To Enhance Your Well-Being. The first part of his book, 12 Rules for Life, “stand up straight with your shoulders back,” highlights the importance of confident posture. Our brains are wired to try to fit into the social hierarchy. When others approve of us, our brain releases serotonin and we feel better about ourselves. Conversely, when others treat us negatively, serotonin lowers and we start seeing ourselves as inferior in the world. Peterson suggests standing up straight with your shoulders back makes others assume you’re confident. Hence, they treat you better and more serotonin is released in your brain. Serotonin is a key hormone behind our feelings of well-being and happiness. Fixing your posture helps you hack this chemical, eventually making you confident. Take Responsibility For Helping Yourself
We are often our worst critics. Moreover, we find it easier to take care of others than ourselves.
Addressing these two phenomena, Peterson outlines the second rule for life, which is to “treat yourself as if you were someone you are responsible for helping.” Most of us tend to believe that we are not worthy of help. This mindset leads to self-sabotaging behaviors such as beating ourselves up on failures or ignoring our health. The key to overcoming such a mindset is to take the responsibility to help oneself as one does for the people they love. Learn more about the 15 Best Life Lessons & Advice From Jordan Peterson in this video.

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