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Do you think there are Antifa drag queen story time events in Russia? [Video]

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Do you think there are Antifa drag queen story time events in Russia? | Rebel Roundup is joined by reporters Katie Daviscourt and Jeremy Loffredo who discuss their most recent reports.

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0:00 Intro
03:03 Drag Queen story time / Katie Daviscourt robbed and assaulted by Anitfa.
08:50 David is joined by Katie to discuss her Antifa assault.
14:55 Katie says this shouldn’t be a Democratic/Republican Issue.
20:54 Russian Reports by Jeremy Loffredo.
22:50 Jeremy asks Russians about Starbucks and Mcdonalds.
26:35 Jeremy Loffredo joins David to speak about the Russian businesses.
28:20 Russian grocery stores are fully stocked.
33:50 Jeremy traveling alone through-out Moscow footage.
37:26 David’s report on General Motors Canada.
43:14 People write about General Motors.
49:36 End.

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