Educators Exposed

Jason & Brittany Aldean Welcome Candace Owens At #AMFEST2022 [Video]

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Jason & Brittany Aldean Welcome Candace Owens At #AMFEST2022

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Educators Exposed

Private Enterprise Drives the Economy, but Government Remains Clueless | David Newton LIVE [Video]

Joe Biden actually lived through the economic disaster of the Carter era, yet he clearly didn’t learn a thing. David Newton calls out the Left’s utter economic cluelessness.--David Newton is a seasoned author, consultant, and professor who taught entrepreneurship, finance, and strategy for nearly three decades. After serving as the Provost at The King's College in New York, he moved to the Rady School of Management in UC San Diego to teach and conduct training programs for senior executives and corporate boards. He has consulted to over 400 emerging growth ventures and published more than 200 articles.

Educators Exposed

FULL Q&A w/ Michael Knowles At Buffalo: Feminism Makes Women Miserable, Transgenderism, & Religion [Video]

The Daily Wire's Michael Knowles answers questions after his speech at University at Buffalo on how feminism makes women miserable, transgenderism, and how it differs from religion.