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Biden White House Makes Shocking Admission [Video]

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Biden White House Makes Shocking Admission

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Well you can’t make it up folks. The Biden Administration wants Title 42 lifted which will essentially allow more undocumented migrants to flood into the United States, AND yet at the same time the Biden Administration now says that lifting Title 42 will actually make things worse.

To which I would say, yeah Joe. We already know. We’ve been saying that all along.

As reported by Fox News:

“The Biden administration on Tuesday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to let the pandemic-era policy Title 42 come to end, but requested a brief delay until at least after Christmas.

In a filing on Tuesday, the administration acknowledged to the Supreme Court that the end of Title 42 will likely lead to “disruption and a temporary increase in unlawful border crossings” but asked the court to reject efforts by a group of conservative-leaning states to keep Title 42 in place.”

The Biden Administration is literally telling the Supreme Court, lift Title 42, but don’t lift it too quickly because as soon as you do . . . wow, it’s gonna be bad.

The United States under Joe Biden is sending billions to Ukraine to defend itself against Russia. We’ve sent money to nations including Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, and more through the Senate Omnibus bill for the express purpose of border security. BUT HE’S NOT SECURING OUR OWN BORDER. It’s insane. There’s no other word for it. Our own ACLJ Senior Advisor for Public Policy Harry Hutchison said it best when he called President Biden a “chaos President”:

“The Biden policy is absolutely incoherent. Joe Biden has become America’s chaos President. He has no coherent plan to deal with the border crisis that he alone has caused. He’s prepared to send hordes of illegals throughout the United States. Most of those illegals are SINGLE MEN. So this is a highly mistaken policy. And it’s driven by one thing and one thing only, Left-wing ideology that favors illegals over American citizens.”

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast includes more discussion of the chaos at our border and everything the Biden Administration ISN’T doing about it. We’re also joined by Senator Marsha Blackburn who shares her own analysis of the situation at the border and what must be done, and why she thinks President Biden isn’t doing it.

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