Why Being DISAGREEABLE Makes You A Better Person.. [Video]

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Why Being DISAGREEABLE Makes You A Better Person..

Why Being DISAGREEABLE Makes You A Better Person..

Welcome back to Pursuit Of Meaning. Agreeableness and disagreeableness are two facts that might overlap at some points but still conflict on some points. If we talk about genders, men are less agreeable while women are more friendly and understanding. There is a very less middle in the case; both the genders are at their extreme. This is the fact behind the reason that more men are in jail as prisoners as compared to women.

If there is an agreeable person, he agrees, and it is convenient to talk. This can be bad at times. Jordan offers the example that if you are an employee and want a salary increase, this might become hard for you to get a salary increase. A disagreeable person is more likely to make correct statements and get a boost. But being too unpalatable can put you in trouble, or you may get fired. It is better to maintain a relationship between both. Stick around for this video for further details on Jordan Peterson’s explanation why you need to be a ‘disagreeable’ person.

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