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Biden Says He Doesn’t Need Voters To Win [Video]

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Biden Says He Doesn’t Need Voters To Win

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January 6th Coverup, U.S. Banking System, Foreign Wars, Criminalizing Prayer - OAN [Video]

Join Alison Steinberg TONIGHT! On this episode... The bombshell report exposing the real reason for the January 6th 'emergency' on Capitol Hill. Did the democrats... along with 'deep state' actors...

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Obvious Lie [Video]

FBI Director Christopher Wray repeatedly denies that the bureau weaponizes the system and its authority to unfairly target Christian conservatives, which is shocking given their record of unfairly and unjustly arresting people who fight for the pro-life movement.Visit Our Website: to Our Channel: Our Legal Assistance: #aclj #christopherwray #fbi #government #bias #prolife #politics #news