Culture Talk: Being Led by the Christmas Star [Video]

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Culture Talk: Being Led by the Christmas Star

#scienceandfaith #apologetics #christmas
With David Block
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Finding Hope [Video]

Fr. Gregory Pine, O.P. shares what the Church really teaches about salvation outside the Catholic Church!Also Check out Fr. Pine's new Podcast on Catholic Classic with Ascension 📚:📗 Fr. Pine's Brand New Book (get it and you're cool):📚 Read Catholic Classics with Fr. Pine!🌞 Godsplaining Podcast:💻 LINKSAdd Matt on Parler!: Hallow for FREE!: Website:📱 SOCIALSFacebook:


Franciscan U Latin Mass Canceled, Delaware to Criminalize Confession, Canadian Student Arrested [Video]

Subscribe to The Remnant Newspaper, print and/or digital versions available: Michael Matt’s Great-grandfather’s new book: this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael Matt discusses the rise of anti-Catholic persecution:- Even though his diocese is in total collapse the Bishop of Steubenville cancels the Latin Mass at Franciscan University.- A new law in Delaware would criminalize the seal of confession.- A Christian high school student gets arrested for defending Catholic moral theology on campus.- Even though Zelensky is turning Ukraine into a Davos-styled surveillance state, most of the Catholic bishops still support Joe Biden's efforts to escalate war against Russia.- Faithful Catholics prepare to go back to the Mass rocks as the Pope of Mercy tells them all to go hell.Sign up for Michael Matt's Weekly E-Letter: Michael Matt on Twitter: to Michael Matt's podcasts:SPOTIFY: