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George Gilder on ‘Emergency Socialism’ & Separating Power from Knowledge | TEASER [Video]

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George Gilder on ‘Emergency Socialism’ & Separating Power from Knowledge | TEASER

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Nearly four decades after investor George Gilder’s book “Wealth and Poverty” helped shape the economic policies of Ronald Reagan, Gilder sits down with me to discuss his forthcoming book, “Life After Capitalism.”

“In the past, when you went public as a company, you gained new influence and power and marketing ability, and new capital and freedom. Now, when you go public, you get nationalized,” says Gilder.

Gilder believes that much of our policies surrounding public health during the pandemic were actually weakening our immune systems under the guise of protection.

“We’re trying to engineer a new dark age for our immune systems…trying to retard the learning processes that render our immune systems capable of facing the new threats – the unexpected threats – that may arise in the future,” says Gilder.

We dive into environmental and pandemic policy, Silicon Valley and academia, and Gilder’s information theory on economics, which applies the study of how information is communicated and stored to our physiological and political systems.

“This information theory that’s often applied to fiber-optic lines or wireless transmissions actually also applies to our minds and bodies,” says Gilder.

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George Gilder on ‘Emergency Socialism,’ Accommodating Surprise, and Separating Power from Knowledge

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