How to Solve the Texas Education Crisis [Video]

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How to Solve the Texas Education Crisis

The Heritage Foundation is proud to partner with the Texas Public Policy Foundation to promote parental empowerment in Texas Schools. Video provided courtesy of the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

In Texas, 32% of the Class of 2019 weren’t in higher education OR the labor market within six months of graduation. Many small towns in the heartland of Texas are suffering population loss and economic decay. Technical workers are leaving the workforce far more quickly than they can be replaced.

The system is failing our children and grandchildren.

Traditional school isn’t the answer for every student. What happens when the educational opportunities around you are limited, and you don’t have the resources to send your child elsewhere?

We want our kids to be able to go out into the world and make a living — DEBT FREE — when they graduate from high school. It is possible: by empowering our parents.

When we take state funds allocated to each student and place them in individual education savings accounts, parents can direct the funds as they see fit.

To learn more about the amazing opportunities this can give to students across Texas, visit our website here, and urge your legislators to vote in favor of SCHOOL CHOICE in 2023:


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