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TikToks That Left Our Guest Speechless w/ Brendon Leslie | Ep 206 [Video]

Having a baby? This gender therapist is now saying that if your baby girl rips the bows off her head, it’s a pre-verbal indication of transgenderism. Having surgery? Society will band together to celebrate you removing your body parts. Need a new TV? Shoplifting is not only the norm, it’s now legal! Brendon Leslie, founder of Florida Voice News, joins the show to discuss the breakdown of society and how gay and cringe everything is.________________________________________________________________⇩ TODAY’S SPONSORS ⇩ NORTHWEST RETENTION: If you’re looking for a high-quality holster for your firearms, trust the brand used by the Slightly Offens*ve team! Go to and enter promo code OFFENSIVE to get 10% off.PAINT YOUR LIFE: Looking for a gift that’s as creative and visually appealing as this show? We have to tell you guys about Paint Your Life, where you can get the best moments of your life memorialized in a gorgeous painting. Check out, and text the word OFFENSIVE to 64-000 to get 20% off and free shipping. Check it out! PERSONAL DEFENSE NETWORK: Learn how to defend yourself and your family with PDN’s GOLD membership, for just $3 for the entire year (normally $135). Go to the PDN website and learn the right skills for self-defense before it’s too late.________________________________________________________________⇩ FOLLOW BRENDON LESLIE ⇩ TWITTER: a subscriber at BlazeTV use my code “ELIJAH” to get $10 off a full year________________________________________________________________Slightly Offens*ve Merch: AUDIO PODCAST & GIVE A 5 STAR RATING!: APPLE: available Google Podcasts & wherever else podcasts are streamed)______________________________________________________________➤BOOKINGS/INQUIRIES: ELIJAH@SLIGHTLYOFFENSIVE.COM_________________________________________________________________ ⇩ SOCIAL MEDIA ⇩➤ ELI’S LINKTREE➤ SAV’S LINKTREE➤ INSTAGRAM➤ PARLER ➤ TWITTER:➤ FACEBOOK: Idea Of A Free Society…For Kids!Head to for a unique book series that introduces the important ideas that schools no longer teach.