Mike Huckabee: The Greatest Threat to Our Nation is the Government | Monologue [Video]

Mike Huckabee explains why government is the greatest threat to our nation. Don’t miss his monologue on issues troubling America today.—–Watch Huckabee Saturdays 8/7c and again Sundays 9/8c exclusively on TBNView full Huckabee episodes for free on the TBN app: with Mike Huckabee: updated with Huckabee On TBN:—–#MikeHuckabee #Government #HuckabeeonTBN

Patriot Activists

I’m At My Breaking Point | Guest: Marjorie Taylor Greene | Ep 207 [Video]

Forced mandates, open pedophilia and political persecution of Americans is enough to drive anyone mad and we’ve reached our breaking point with these evil people in society. Congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene, joins the show to call out the spineless GOP and discusses America potentially heading toward a national divorce. ________________________________________________________________⇩ TODAY’S SPONSORS ⇩ UNDERTAC: Men are being inundated with over-priced boxers, designed for testosterone deficient men, but here at Slightly Offens*ve we demand more. That’s why we trust UnderTac. Head to for 20% off with the offer code OFFENSIVE20. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.HEADSPACE: Headspace makes it easy to learn and maintain a meditation practice that will improve your mood and help you feel happier. Find some HEADSPACE at and get one month FREE of their entire meditation library. SCOREMASTER: Scoremaster is introducing a new feature to help protect your personal information and privacy. Go to to add credit score points fast and to get your privacy back! ________________________________________________________________Become a subscriber at BlazeTV use my code “ELIJAH” to get $10 off a full year________________________________________________________________Slightly Offens*ve Merch: AUDIO PODCAST & GIVE A 5 STAR RATING!: APPLE: available Google Podcasts & wherever else podcasts are streamed)______________________________________________________________➤BOOKINGS/INQUIRIES: ELIJAH@SLIGHTLYOFFENSIVE.COM_________________________________________________________________ ⇩ SOCIAL MEDIA ⇩➤ ELI’S LINKTREE➤ SAV’S LINKTREE➤ INSTAGRAM➤ PARLER ➤ TWITTER:➤ FACEBOOK: Idea Of A Free Society…For Kids!Head to for a unique book series that introduces the important ideas that schools no longer teach.