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Parent SUE School District After High School Graduate Can’t Read | @Chad Prather [Video]

Chad Prather goes off: “If you’ll recall, a while back on this program, we talked about the absolute academic cesspool that was the Baltimore School District. As of just the other day, it broke that two parents of a high schooler who graduated while still unable to read have decided to sue the school district. Folks, I’m a damn broken record. But I’m going to keep spinning around and around, shouting the same refrain until something happens that gets our kids in a better situation than having to deal with these assclowns ruining their futures. GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS!” WATCH more Chad Prather: #chadprather #wokeschools Subscribe to BlazeTV YouTube! Join BlazeTV! Sign up for our NEWSLETTER: with us on Social Media:

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Charlie Kirk Vs. CRT Advocate Rachel Bitecofer [Video]

Charlie Kirk faces off with anti-Fascist founder of Strike Pac and former professor Racel Bitecoffer in an informative, important debate on the subject of Critical Race Theory. From CRT in schools to the history of slavery in the United States Charlie and Rachel pull zero punches in this riveting conversation.#FreeTheFirst #DebateNightSubscribe to the channel○ All Links• TurningPointUSA• Join• Donate #BigGovSucks