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IRGC Deputy Chief: When We Strike America, The Great Satan, And Israel, It Will Be With Great Force [Video]

In a January 4, 2022 interview on Al-Manar TV (Hizbullah-Lebanon), IRGC Deputy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Ali Fadavi said that in the 2016 Farsi Island incident, the Americans quickly realized that they were “criminals on death row” and that they are at risk of being targeted by the full force of the IRGC, so they quickly obeyed the IRGC’s orders. He also said that when the time is right, Iran will strike America and its Zionist “followers” with great force. In addition, he said that if Israel acts against Iran, Iran will turn Haifa and Tel Aviv into dust. Moreover, Admiral Fadavi said that the Americans will soon be annihilated and that they will cease to control the world and the region.


Micro History – Iran’s Global Terror [Video]

Iran is one of only four countries listed as a state sponsor for terrorism by the United States. Inherent in Iran’s foreign policy approach is the support of terror internationally through proxies such as Hezbollah and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. A dangerous threat not only to America and Israel but to the world, Iran’s fingerprints of terror can be found all over the globe.Beginning in 2011, Iran propped up the Assad regime in Syria during their civil war and eventually became heavily involved in ensuring an Assad victory, from providing weapons to Iranian troops, playing a crucial and horrific part in the deaths of close to 400,000. Iran’s support for terror beyond its borders is especially prevalent in Latin America, where Iran launders money and has an ever-growing presence. In 1983, Iran was infamously responsible for the bombing of a Jewish community center in Argentina, killing 85 innocent people.In the Middle East, Iran’s proxy Hezbollah continually wreaks havoc, especially against Israel. Meanwhile, Iran provides weapons, military training, and other funding to Gaza-based terror groups such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Iranian proxy groups have carried out numerous attacks against Americans, including on U.S. air bases, and Israelis. In the West, the United States thwarted an Iranian attempt to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador in Washington and bomb the Saudi and Israeli embassies in our nation’s capital. In addition, tragically, American soldiers have been the victims of Iranian terror from Beirut to Baghdad. All over the world, Iran’s malevolent behavior is apparent as the tyrants of Tehran leave behind chaos and mayhem as far their influence extends.