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Call to ARMS?! Mayor Lori Lightfoot ESCALATES Abortion Fight | The News & Why it Matters | 5/10/22 [Video]

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot tweeted out a CALL TO ARMS over the leaked Roe decision. Jen Psaki and Joe Biden really, REALLY don’t want to talk about inflation. And Biden’s new Minister of Truth Nina Jankowicz thinks CRT is just a bunch of malarkey!Today’s Sponsors:Omega XL rejuvenates your joints and muscles by easing pain-causing inflammation so you can move like when you were young. Order one bottle, and get a second one free when you visit Mobile is America’s only Christian conservative cell phone provider, and it is passionate about free speech and your constitutional rights. Plus, it offers the same nationwide coverage as the major carriers. Go to https://www.PATRIOTMOBILE.COM/NEWS and get free activation with the offer code NEWS! Subscribe to BlazeTV YouTube! Join BlazeTV! Sign up for our NEWSLETTER: with us on Social Media: