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Did Jesus Mention Muhammad? | Bart Ehrman Answers [Video]

It is a core Islamic belief that Jesus informed the people about the coming of Muhammad and that this can be found in “The Gospel.” New Testament Scholar Bart Ehrman responds to this claim.Sign up for Bart Ehrman’s seminar at: AP: Merchandise: Wishlist: (auto-upload)

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Islam vs. Christianity on Jesus | Dr. Bart Ehrman Speaks to Apostate Prophet [Video]

I am interviewing Dr. Bart Ehrman and asking him 13 questions about Jesus, the Gospels, Islam, and Christianity.Sign up for Bart Ehrman’s seminar at: AP: Stamps:00:00:00 Introduction00:03:06 01. Muslims Using Bart Ehrman00:05:53 02. Did Jesus Bring a Scripture?00:08:02 03. Is the New Testament Mostly Accurate?00:09:54 04. Apocryphal Stories in the Quran00:13:02 05. Was Jesus Certainly Crucified?00:16:10 06. Were Early Christians Muslims?00:19:36 07. Was Jesus Always Known As “The Son of God?”00:21:08 08. Are There More Authentic Gospels?00:21:55 09. Is Paul Authentic?00:23:07 10. Do the Gospels Agree with the Quran?00:23:48 11. Did Most Christians Until Islam Worship Jesus?00:25:55 12. Was Jesus A Prophet Who Expected Muhammad?00:27:23 13. Jesus vs. MuhammadAP Merchandise: Wishlist: (auto-upload)