‘This is Disorder’: Dramatic Rise in Crime in California, Residents Blame Politicians’ Policies [Video]

Shoplifting has been a growing problem across America for some time, and now experts say these brazen smash-and-grab robberies are being organized on social media and present a new kind of challenge from high-end stores to corner pharmacies. Los Angeles has been especially hard hit, seeing more than 20,000 property crimes per month this year. And it’s not just organized retail theft. A map shows vehicle break-ins over just three days in December.Read the full story from CBN’s Chuck Holton: the free CBN News App: to the CBN News Channel for more:’s coming up next? Have a look at our program guide: features 24-hour TV news from a Christian perspective. The CBN News Channel provides independent news programming to an underserved audience to enlighten, entertain and inspire Christians around the world. Comments below do not necessarily reflect the views of CBN.Share this live feed with your friends and family: us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: News Editors: about other CBN programs: about supporting CBN? (and) about Helping the Home Front? Call: 757-226-2333 #politicalnews #christiannews #christian #christianity #church #breakingnews #cbnnews

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Leftist Looters Are Terrorizing America | @LevinTV [Video]

Words matter. As Democrats and the leftist hosts of MSNBC and CNN spew their hateful, racist dialogue 24/7, criminals are being emboldened to murder, rob and steal. Now, as police battle smash and grab mobs in California, Mark sounds the alarm to defend our nation against a collapse of culture and morality. The battle for the soul of our nation is on the line. WATCH more Mark Levin: #levintv #marklevin Subscribe to BlazeTV YouTube! Join BlazeTV! Sign up for our NEWSLETTER: with us on Social Media: