Faith Regarding Men

From P*rn, to Pastor, to….worse? (My Thoughts) [Video]

In this video we discuss a woman who formally did adult movies, but stopped once she converted to Christianity. However, she is back making adult content again, but this time, as a Christian. Here’s my response.Support our videos!Patreon (thank you!): time donations on Paypal (thank you!): Subscribe Star: Channel Membership: in Our Videos!If you want to be in one of our videos, record a clip of you saying “Whaddo You Memeeeee?” and send it to Try to get creative. If using a cellphone to record, hold it sideways to be sure it fits the screen dimensions. On the email, please list your name, your youtube handle name, and where are recording from if you want that information put on the video as well. More videos you may like!! My disability and God: Christianity unfair?: What I wish I knew before: Kelly and the 1st Christians:’m giving up: MEAN Comments: 3 Myths People believe about science and religion: White, Detransitioning, and Transgender Parenting: leader thinks he’s Jesus: TB Joshua a False Prophet?: kids and Religious Future: Gervias and Jacklyn Glenn Response: wife and I’s argument about religion: to viral Buzzfeed video: to read the Bible: Response Video on Ricki Gervais: Reasons some don’t see evidence for God:, Science!: 3 Science & Religion Myths debunked: contradictions: by clicking here: Translate our Videos!We love to connect with YOU, no matter what language you speak. Help Whaddo You Meme?? create captions in your language and reach more people by clicking here: us on Other Platforms! #christianity #