i created malware with Python (it’s SCARY easy!!) [Video]

Create your Python Malware lab: (you get a $100 Credit good for 60 days as a new user!)We are going to write our very own malware in Python!! It’s actually scary easy to do and it will give you a peek behind the curtain of how bad actors create these malicious programs. NetworkChuck will walk you through every step of how to create a ransomware program in Python using the cryptography library in Python called Fernet. He’ll then show you how to download a malware playground, a malware showcase of malicious python scripts you can play with.🧪🧪Links and Walkthrough:🔥🔥Join the NetworkChuck Academy!:**Sponsored by LinodeSUPPORT NETWORKCHUCK—————————————————➡️NetworkChuck membership:☕☕ COFFEE and MERCH: out my new channel:🆘🆘NEED HELP?? Join the Discord Server: WITH ME on Twitch: TO LEARN??—————————————————-Learn Python: your CCNA: ME EVERYWHERE—————————————————Instagram: the Discord server: ⏩ Intro0:45 ⏩ What do you need?0:56 ⏩ Our sponsor is awesome2:06 ⏩ STEP 1 – the setup2:20 ⏩ What is Ransomware?3:52 ⏩ STEP 2 – Creating our ransomware script14:39 ⏩ STEP 3 – Writing the ransomware decryption script21:37 ⏩ Downloading a malware playgroundAFFILIATES & REFERRALS—————————————————(GEAR I USE…STUFF I RECOMMEND)My network gear: Affiliate Store: a Raspberry Pi: #malware #ransomware