His Ascension and Our Union, Mary’s Thoughts on Grace & David Crowder Music

I am an absolute product of God’s Grace and Mercy; and yet I find this same Grace an extreme struggle to bestow upon others. I profess to want to love other people – especially believers – as Christ continues to love us; but is it possible to do so in all of our brokenness and sinful natures?


Romans 7 – Part 3 – With the mind myself I serve the law of God, but with my flesh the law of sin [Video]

Romans chapter 7 bible study. The apostle Paul is very clear when he acknowledges that with our minds we serve the law of God and with the flesh the law of sin. All believers will have to battle the good fight and defeat the members which are driven by the law of sin.We need to be close to God in order for us to understand His principles which are given to us by His law. Only then, we will understand the will of God and act accorddingly.Join us in this bible study in the book of Romans