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How One Innocent Man Was Framed in the World’s Greatest Political Hoax | Truth Over News [Video]

⭕️Watch the full episode👉⭕️ Watch in-depth videos based on Truth & Tradition at Epoch TV👉⭕️Sign up for our NEWSLETTER and stay in touch👉⭕️ Subscribe to our unique new platform👉 https://www.epochtv.comOn Jan. 24, 2017, Sergei Millian was falsely outed as the primary source for Christopher Steele’s dossier by Mark Maremont of the Wall Street Journal. Maremont identified Millian as being the individual named as both sources D and E in Steele’s dossier and claimed that “some of the most explosive parts of a dossier containing unverified allegations that President Donald Trump had secret ties to Russian leaders originated from” Millian.The allegations attributed to Millian are crucial to the Steele dossier. Steele used Millian as the driving force behind most major dossier claims, including that there was a “well-developed conspiracy of cooperation” between Trump and Vladimir Putin, that there was a secret communications channel between Alfa Bank and Trump, that Russia had passed hacked DNC emails to Wikileaks story, as well as the infamous “pee tape” story.Welcome to Truth over News with Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke.—Support us to fight for the truth!💛—Follow EpochTV on social media👇Facebook:—SUBSCRIBE OUR CHANNEL TODAY: 🔔—WATCH MORE ON YOUTUBE🔵 [Exclusive investigative report] The first documentary movie on the origin of the CCP virus 👉🔵 [Special Report] Manipulating America: The Chinese Communist Playbook 👉🔵 New Documentary Exposing ‘the CCP Method’ | Three-step Method 👉🔵 Special Report Exploring the Pandemic’s Wall Street Connection 👉🔵 Investigative Report: The Coverup of the Century 👉 One Innocent Man Was Framed in the World’s Greatest Political Hoax | Truth Over News#SergeiMillian #ChristopherSteele #WallStreetJournal——————© All Rights Reserved.