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Dems Doomed in 2022 – The Trish Regan Show [Video]

Virginia taught the Democrats something pretty important — PARENTS MATTER.So, as Chicago Teachers walk off the job, the Dems are doing a “180.”From New York to Chicago it to L.A., suddenly businesses being OPEN has political capital. But, is it too little, too late?Join me as I break down the politics behind this change in DEM strategy. Plus, with inflation numbers escalating, where the heck do you put your money now?Get more by subscribing to — AND JOIN ME on Locals for extra, exclusive content at

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Here’s The Difference Between Teachers And Teachers’ Unions [Video]

Love what you see? Subscribe to FreedomWorks to stay up to date on new content! DeAngelis, the national director of research at the American Federation for Children, talks about the gap between teachers and their unions. Follow us on Twitter: don’t forget Instagram: out our Facebook, too: you’re at it, check out our website: to help us fight for freedom for all?

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Ep. 613 – Hundreds Of Teachers Fired For NOT Getting The Jab [Video]

🚨On this episode of the “Dr. Duke Show” we start in communist California, where hundreds of Los Angeles public school teachers are being laid off, during a teacher shortage, simply because they didn’t get the jab. And they’re not the only ones feeling the wrath.🇺🇸Get Your Tumbler! |📲 Download the FreedomProject Media App© FreedomProject 2021