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Tech Boss Who Banned President Trump Out [Video]

Twitter’s CEO and left-wing activist Jack Dorsey has resigned, effective immediately. This comes at a time when Twitter’s stock is down 20% over the last three months. Could this be a direct reaction to corporate America realizing going totally “woke” is excluding at least half of the country? Twitter is in panic mode. Jack Dorsey released his statement to the public:”I’ve decided to leave Twitter because I believe the company is ready to move on from its founders.”Moves like this by the founders of these companies ultimately do damage the brand. ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow explained how what once positioned itself as a public forum is not the same as it used to be: “The way it worked in the 1980s and 90s and even going back to the 60s was that the public forum was defined as the highways, the byways, the streets, the sidewalks, and the college campuses. These were areas that were open for free speech. Some were called traditional public forums; others were called open public forums. One thing you could not do on a public forum, the government could not do, is pick one side of the debate. That was called viewpoint discrimination. In a series of cases that I argued in the 1990s, what happened in those cases, is that the Supreme Court said unanimously . . . that viewpoint discrimination is unconstitutional per se. . . . The new highways and byways became social media platforms like Twitter. And of course, they are not controlled by the government, so you don’t have the same First Amendment protections. But then they did not become a neutral arbitrator . . . they became toxic.”Twitter has been making controversial decisions without consequences for far too long. Now, the market is reacting to this censorship. Hopefully, the change in leadership will force Twitter to go back to being an open and neutral platform. SIGN: Stop Big Tech Censorship: Our Website: to Our Channel: Our Legal Assistance:

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The Colossal FALL of Jack Dorsey!!! [Video]

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